The BEST Program


Do you want to start your own business but lack the required skills or qualifications?


Approximately 80% of new businesses fail the within their first year!
Perceived barriers to starting a business include; not enough money (62%), too scared of the risk (41%), unsure how to get the product to market (26%) or not enough time (20%). With appropriate training and post training support the chance of success within your first year is 60% or higher



The Business Entrepreneurship Support & Training (BEST) program delivers business skills training at PICS Surrey & Vancouver locations for British Columbians who have a viable business idea and want their business idea to become a reality




The business plan is a critical document which outlines your strategy to get up & running and is essential to getting the start up financing you need. The BEST program is highly comprehensive with the focal point on creating your own personalized business plan


The BEST(Business Entrepreneurship Support & Training) program provides business start up training, Business Advisor support and one-on-one sessions with a qualified Business Consultant to help you launch your business